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Groovement dance improvisation in Arnhem for all levels, ages and backgrounds


The content, approach and purpose of Groovement™ varies and is adaptable to serve different ages, backgrounds, experience and working fields.


Groovement™ is for:

  • anyone wanting to improve his/her well-being by connecting and creating space in the body, mind and spirit;

  • anyone who wants to be mindful, by focusing on here & now, observing what the body does and feels, what happens in the body and its consequences in the mind and vice-versa;

  • anyone feeling vulnerable to stress and tension, using physical softness as a promoter to let go of unnecessary tension, be it physical, mental or emotional.

  • a dance student to (re)discover his/her own individuality;

  • a professional dancer/performer to enrich his physical skills and his/her movement patterns, raise awareness of his body and hence, his/her presence on stage;

  • Students and professionals of different artistic fields to get out of their minds and into their bodies, to develop body consciousness and release tension, to boost creativity for their artistic process;

  • visual artists who draw inspiration from Groovement™ and integrate its tools into their artistic work.

Groovement dance improvisation in Arnhem for dance students and professionals


Groovement is passed on and performed in several contexts such as:

  • a training practice - to energize, improve fitness and condition, open the body, raise awareness and connection between body, mind and spirit;

  • an artistic technique - to enhance one’s physical skills, to help find one’s natural movement identity, quality, creativity; to stimulate a working/artistic process (suitable for any artistic field, be it performatively physical or not)

  • a promoter of well-being - to focus in the here & now; to find relaxation, availability and freedom in the body and mind; to generate new energy and inspiration.

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