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Mr. Avenue is a mentor, an artist, a collaborator and a friend of Fernanda Silva and Groovement's projects.


Mentor, co-creator, logo designer

Mr. Avenue merges drawing, photography and performance resulting in images of bodies/bodyparts. His art is an expression of a connection between his model and him. It can be seen as a comment on this time, in which people are increasingly detached from sensory impulses. After years of illustrating he started lifedrawing during private sessions. The ‘sensitive nature’ of his art made him use an alias Mr. Avenue.

Dulce is Fernanda Silva's mother who during the pandemic gave support by sponsoring a ZOOM Pro subscription. Have you followed Groovement online yet?


ZOOM Sponsor

Maria Dulce Marçal Marques studied at the Fine Arts University, at the Instituto Gregoriano de Lisboa, Academia dos Amadores de Música and at the National Conservatory of Music, all placed in Lisbon.
During her studies she worked at the Atelier of Expertise and Restoration of Master Edmundo Silva. She exhibited her artwork in several regions in Portugal and is represented in institutions and private collections.

She has a Master in Sciences of Conservation, Restoration and Production of Contemporary Art  and as conservator restorer she has worked with private clients within conservation and restoration of contemporary art.

Next to her expertise in fine arts she is a block flute teacher at the Music School of Nossa Senhora do Cabo in Linda-a-Velha and gives masterclasses and workshops in the whole country for primary school teachers. 

Claudia Acquaviva is the force behind the website of Fernanda's Groovement Dance.


Website designer

Claudia began her dance training, hip hop, modern, contemporary and ballet, at the age of 6 in Italy.
Later she trained at the Doris Humprey Foundation and received a scholarship to deepen her studies at The Martha Graham school of Contemporary Dance. 
She worked with Nue Dance Company where she performed nationally and internationally (2014-2017) and with Nikki De Graaf Dance Company in The Netherlands, among others.
In 2018 she began a collaboration with Dance in Art (Haarlem, NL), where she is currently a teacher, choreographer, mentor and NCC (Netherlands Choreography Competition) manager.
She is active as a dance teacher with a Pilates and Yoga certificate and she is currently teaching, dancing and coaching young dancers in Namibia.

Petra Hartman designed Groovement pins. Have you ordered yours?



Petra Hartman is a versatile artist who obtained recognition with her special object-bags and jewelry. The jewelry is sometimes amplified to big figures.

The core of her work is painting in a canvas. Colors and movement, exuberance and a direct striking painting hand characterize her unique style.

She works in several projects together with designers and architects. Her presence in the building team assures an inspiring and onorthodox contribution with surprising results.

Next to these employments, she continues her own work in her atelier in Oosterbeek. Her work is shown is diverse private and museum collections, such as The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Kunstmuseum Den Haag and Arnhem.

Julia Heider has collaborated with Fernanda Silva in several Groovement projects, including performing OOMM in different settings, festivals and locations.



Julia is a contemporary choreographer, dancer and teacher based in Arnhem, born in Dresden, Germany.
She studied at ArtEZ Dance Academy and continued her development with a master in Art in Education and has a degree in 'Choreological studies' at Trinity Laban Conservatoire London.

As professional dancer Julia worked with several independent choreographers such as Libertad Pozo Rodriguez, Jonne Covers, Sanne van der Put and danced with Vertigo Dance Company in Israel. Recently she presented the solo "Out Of My Mind" made by and with choreographer Fernanda Silva. Nowadays Julia teaches theoretical and practical dance classes at ArtEZ Dance Academy, Danser Creative Contemporary RijnIjssel, Aventus Dans and at the Vooropleiding ArtEZ.

This is the logo of Youliya Gloa, a wonderful peer of Fernanda who always believed in Groovement and brainstorms with Fernanda regularly.


Co-organizer, peer, guide

Yuliya Globa is an interdisciplinary choreographer & movement teacher, always searching for the limit and trying to cross boundaries. She is based in the Netherlands working on art and society development, young talent programs and personal coaching, including ArtEZ Dance Academy and MOMO Theaterwerkplaats, Ederveen.

Provincie Gelderland was at the core of Groovement's method development!


Talent Development Funds

Province Gelderland helps professionals who live in the region with financial support for their artistic trajectories.
In 2017-2019, Fernanda Silva was supported by the Province in collaboration with Beeldend Danstheater Telder in the development of her dance/movement method Groovement and in the course of 2020-2022, she has the Province's financial support to develop her professional skills as a guide and assistant at MOMO Theaterwerkplaats.

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