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Characteristics & working method

  • In Groovement™, the predominant characteristics are groundedness, three-dimensionality, softness and articulation.

  • Groovement™ is a dance/movement improvisation method.

  • It respects the individual’s natural anatomy and therefore is suitable for every Body. 

  • Each session is independent, with its own build up and goals.

  • Groovement™ focuses on your experience of the moment rather than a specific shape, with consciousness and precision.

Groovement™ session's example:

  1. We start the class by releasing the tension in the body. We do this by relaxing every muscle from up to down, so that they become available and alert at the same time.

  2. We do an exercise where we make space in our bodies by stretching when we inhale and curl inwards when we exhale. This way we get aware of our bodies and mobile around our joints.

  3. Afterwards, we do exercises with repetitions on the legs to develop strength and balance, which helps us to be grounded.

  4. Then we improvise with the embodiment of textures such as honey, clay and water to feel variations in strength and softness. I ask all participants to forget what they know about their bodies so that they find new patterns and ways to articulate their bodies. With this, the participants trigger their coordination skills.

  5. As a last task, we visualize that there is an audience positioned around, above and under us. We improvise continuously making sure that our imaginary public can always see all our bodies all the time.

What is Groovement: About


"There's nothing to prove, nothing to achieve, only to enjoy."
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