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In these projects, Groovement brings together classes and workshops, performative arts, visual arts, inclusion,

inter- en multidisciplinarity, health and well-being, all with one thing in common:

using the body as the starting point.



"Catch the Motion" is a workshop meant for visual artists who want to sketch, draw and paint using a dancing model as a reference.

In this workshop, three-dimensionality - one of the main elements of Groovement - and control of the body are applied, since every movement is done continuously, organically and in slow-motion for participants placed in a circle.



This piece was choreographed by Fernanda Silva in collaboration with and for Julia Heider.

It is a dynamic and articulated solo layered in three different aspects. It aspires to get Julia out of her mind and into her body, it manifests the different degrees of craziness that exists in all of us and it wishes to transmit the idea that we need to tune in with our bodies and intuition rather than to get stuck in our heads.

Choreography: Fernanda Silva, in collaboration with Julia Heider

Performance: Julia Heider

Music: "This Bitter Earth" by Dinah Washington

Photo: Sifra Kock



“Together” is a multidisciplinary performance that brings two artists and three disciplines together: music, fine art and dance.
Together, they combine their talent of performative and visual art forms to transform a canvas into a spontaneous, three-dimensional and dynamic performance.
The work is inspired by their previous collaborations, who decided to mingle their artistry by creating a dialogue with their artfields.
“Together” invites the audience to enter a world that connects forms, colors, sounds and movements in an organic, intimate and progressive atmosphere.

Performance: Mr. Avenue and Fernanda Silva



MOMO Theaterwerkplaats welcomes folk with mental disabilities and create performances.

Fernanda Silva works as a professional dancer under the guidance of Yuliya Globa and Rienk Munneke towards an inclusion dance theatre performance.

This collaboration is made possible thanks to the support of Province Gelderland.



Next to the live classes and workshops, Groovement online sessions are a good option for who wants to keep moving and at the same time want to stay home with the family, who wants to avoid travel time and costs, for people who are away and/or that live far away from Arnhem.

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