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Groovement class at MFC Klarendal in Arnhem


Think with your body
Move with your mind

Groovement is improvised dance and movement for everyBody.

This improves your body awareness, physical condition, health and well-being.

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groovement workshop


  • Movement is (important) for everyBody.

  • When used purposefully, it helps to develop soft skills, it boosts our immune system and promotes our physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Groovement connects body and mind by using practical and accessible exercises and images that brings us in balance and harmony.


“I want people to feel free, flexible and resilient in both body and mind by using dance and movement as a safe and abstract form of expression

Fernanda Silva 

Groovement workshop


  • To promote activities with the Body as a tool and starting point.

  • To enhance body-mind connection so that we can take agency of our lives optimally.

  • To promote and enrich the fields of Arts, Education and Health & Wellbeing, through different Groovement activities.

  • To share accessible tools that can be transferable to our daily-lives.

  • To help get us out of our minds, the screens, the couch and into our Bodies, be it as a transition for a certain goal, or as a purpose in itself - when necessary or wished.


Groovement brings together different activities,

all with one thing in common:

using the body as the starting point.

Classes and workshops - Performative arts - Visual arts - Inclusion

Inter- en multidisciplinarity - Health and Well-being

Together, projecto multi-disciplinar


Operated or upgraded...?

Set Setting, choreography by Fernanda Silva


"I loved it! It was a perfect mix of guidance with improvisation and playfulness with seriousness."

Hillary Chernow

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